It is no secret that this travel journalist is a fan of cruising. Sometimes it is just me and the hubby, while other times it may be the whole family…either way, it is always the cornerstone for great memories and fantastic value!


Everyone always asks why I love cruising so much, so I compiled a list of the five top reasons why I love to cruise. Sure, there are more, but these characteristics are always common across all fleets.

  1. Value. Cruises offer an all-inclusive vacation adventure with lots of bang for the buck, especially if you cruise during the times of the year when kids are in school. Prices are higher during summer months and holiday seasons when children are on school break, so if you can make it any other time, you are likely to find a BARGAIN! Cruise prices include everything you need to have a great vacation…good food with lots of choices, activities, entertainment, and more!*
  2. Relaxing. You don’t have to worry about driving (the captain usually doesn’t let you command his ship) and there are folks around to wait on you hand and foot.
  3. Entertainment. There are Broadway-like shows nightly, karaoke, piano bars, casinos, comedy shows, movies (some ships have onboard theaters and some have big screens out over the pool for nightly viewings), dance parties, deck parties and more depending on the particular ship you are sailing with. Never a dull moment…or do nothing at all! It’s your choice!
  4. Ports of call. I have visited some fabulous Caribbean islands, tropical paradises, European must sees and more thanks to cruising. To fly to these places individually and spend time there would cost a fortune. Cruising is a great way to see the world!
  5. Activities. Today, cruise ships are loaded down with activities from full-service workout facilities to basketball courts and everything in between. I have seen mini golf, bowling, rock climbing walls, zip lines, video arcades, water slides and more! Of course, there are less physical things to do such as checking out a book from the library, attending an art auction, playing Bingo, taking a towel folding class (learn how to make those cool turndown friends) or simply lounging by the pool.

Carnival Freedom

If you haven’t thought of cruising as a vacation option before, I invite you to consider it! There is literally a cruise for every budget! If you are an avid cruiser like me, or you’ve just taken your first, what are your favorite reasons to cruise? Do you look for bargain cruises? Do you like seeing the world via a cruise ship?

*Some of the items NOT included in the price of your cruise are sodas, alcohol, specialty restaurants, shore excursions, gratuities, spa services, etc. This list is not inclusive, but gives you an idea. You can have a perfectly good vacation without spending anything extra aside from your tips. How do I know? I have done just that!