People ask me for advice on saving money on travel all the time. It often surprises them to hear some of the quirky ways I encourage folks to enable themselves to travel. I have listed a few of my answers below and then I am going to begin a concentrated effort to help further with one of the suggestions. Keep reading…

  1. Have a yard sale! Yes, get rid of all that old stuff you’re never going to use again and set that money aside for making memories by traveling somewhere new and fun!
  2. Cut the coffee! I know, I can hear you cursing me from here. I love my barista-brewed coffee, but look what you could save in just a few months by brewing at home and/or drinking the office coffee. If that seems too drastic for you, try maybe cutting out half of it. If your habit is daily, you’ll still notice a good little savings.    24af946314a188d5ad071c812995caae
  3. The above referenced chart is a GREAT way to save for a trip or vacation. It is very reasonable, practical and can be used to save for almost anything specific or save in general. Set up a specific savings account or a cookie jar will do! Week 1 of 2016 deposit $1, week 2 deposit $2 (now you have $3)…but looking at the chart, look what you’ll have by week 52 (the end of the year)! Isn’t that awesome? Yes, I realize we are already about to head into week 3, but you can catch up quickly this early on. And, if you’re willing to also throw your coffee money in there…well, watch out! You’ll be saving like crazy!
  4. One of my favorite ways to save for travel is by cutting expenses in another budget category…and easiest for me is groceries! You may be wondering how in the world that can be easy, but with a little planning, eating at home a little more and making use of coupons, you can do it, too!

I do not take it lightly when throwing out suggestions to folks. I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and walk shoulder to shoulder with you adding a category to the blog specifically entitled: Making cents of coupons. I’ll let you know suggestions, good coupons I spot and great deals to be had! Let’s do this together and make 2016 the year of travel! If you’re up to the challenge, comment with a big ole YIPPEE below!