Do you find yourself needing a little snack or pick-me-up during the day? Sometimes I do, and peanut butter seems to always be a quick fix. When I don’t have it handy (at the office, etc.), I often grab something I shouldn’t, so I’m trying to keep it, along with some other quick fixes, on hand. Here’s help with that!


Right now, Target has Skippy Peanut Butter individual cups for $2.29 and they are on CARTWHEEL for 20% off through January 16, 2016! Don’t know about CARTWHEEL? Go here and make sure you download the FREE app today! Also, to make it even better, there’s a coupon for $.55 off Skippy here to download and print.

If you are new to coupons, CARTWHEEL and all that jazz, here’s how to checkout:

Scan Skippy Peanut Butter – $2.29, then present coupon for $.55 off bringing it down to $1.74. CARTWHEEL is the last thing you give to cashier and after she scans the barcode on it, that will take off $.46 making your FINAL COST $1.28! If you have a Target Red Card like I do (no, it’s not a credit card, it’s a debit card linked directly to your checking account so that’s where the money comes from…but it acts like a customer reward card giving you 5% off of your purchases made with this card), you’ll get another 5% off! If you do not have a Red Card, learn more here.

You can print one of these coupons per computer, so if you have access to more than one computer, you can do this deal a couple of times and stock up on peanut butter!

**Prices based on the Target in Homewood, AL where I shop most often. Some deals may be regional and coupon availability is not guaranteed.