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Your Next Speaker


Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? Becky Beall is a veteran in the field of travel and automotive journalism…and she has a background in economic development as well! If you would like to schedule Becky for a speaking engagement, please email your request to and include the following:

Location of event
Phone Number
Date of Event

Also, please give us an idea of the topic you are interested in from the list below:

Getting Started as a Freelance Journalist
Travel Destinations
Travel Deal$
Traveling with Kids
Cruising (alone, with kids, etc.)
International Travel Dos and Don’ts
Economic Development & how travel affects it
Economic Development & how to market your destination
What do travel journalists need from you?
Parenting isn’t for cowards
Devotion leader and emcee

Becky speaks to women’s groups, combined audiences, social groups, civic groups, travel groups, school groups, prayer groups and charity groups. She keeps a full schedule between speaking, traveling, working, and loving on her husband and four amazing kids, so the sooner you can put in your request, the more likely she will be available.

Per Diem
Speaking Fee depending on event size

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